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Product Information
Name: Automatic Magnetic Lifter
Supply Ability: 20000
Minimum Order: 50
Packaging: Stardard Export Package
Brand Name: Halee
Origin: China
Model No: HL-ML
Post Date: 2014-08-27 20:20:29
Expiry Date: 2014-09-26 20:20:29
Currency: USD
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: TT in advance
Unit: set
Product Description
Automatic Magnetic Lifter:

 Detailed Product Description

Automatic Magnetic Lifter

Introduction for HLA series
1. Use high-performance permanent-magnet materials, Nd-Fe-B, as the core,

which makes it be smaller and stronger. You never have to replace the

core as its magnetic force is stable for ever.

2. It can bear 3.0 times of rated load. 

3.  This product is available for  ferromagnetic sheet parts with mimimum

thickness of 4mm,Steel plate up to 30 meters, the heaviest of up to 50


4. No electric supply, which is energy-saving and convenient.

5. No need to move the switch by operator, sucking and release can be

completed by machine.
6. Hardly any remanence remain with optimize-designed magnetism


7.  Professional design for shape makes it more beautiful.

* Application fields 
  automatic magnetic lifter  widely used in molding and mechanism manufacturing, such as equipment factory, machining shop, and dockyard that related to steel material, in order to lift and transit mechanism parts and steels. single using for small parts or combine-using for big and long parts.

Automatic permanent magnetic lifter can be applied for heavy sheet metal

in boatyard, steel plant. For example, a 10-sets-lifter with a beam can

carry a 24*2 M2 sheet metal which is more than ten tons.


NO. KG KG Mm Mm Mm Mm KG
HLA-1 1000 3500 595 435 190 580 230
HLA-2 2000 7000 640 580 235 600 320
HLA-3 3000 10500 640 610 210 650 400
HLA-5 5000 17500 1140 795 450 1100 720
Those content above is detail information of [Automatic Magnetic Lifter], If you want to get more information about product price,type,function and so on, Please contact us soon.
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